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Sniper HD - transfer information

Here are some key points about our Super 8 and Standard 8 reversal film telecine services. For superb transfer results from your precious family archive , or carefully shot new material there are a few important requirements that a telecine must offer. Cine Sanctuary’s Company director and senior telecine colourist Grant Bennett has been operating a wide variety of Telecine machines and film scanners for over twenty years and knew what was required when Cine Sanctuary was investigating small format telecine equipment

We are using a ScanStream Sniper-HD Pro telecine unit from Moviestuff in the US. We decided upon this telecine because it produces superb image results.

Cine Sanctuary’s telecine

We decided upon a telecine using frame by frame capture technology for one simple reason, flexibility. Once safely captured, the 1920x1080 uncompressed HD images are processed at a variety of frames rates to give high quality .AVI Motion JPEG files. Of great interest to us was the ability to offer numbered image sequences to our clients with archiving needs.

CMOS hi-definition sensor

The ScanStream Sniper-HD Pro incorporates a superb Canon Legria built-in HD camera outputting at full uncompressed 1080p, using a CMOS hi-definition sensor containing almost 3 million pixels for maximum clarity. The Canon camera produces super sharp images with natural true to film colour rendition.

Open Gate Telecine

Being able to capture the entire film area and frame is an absolute necessity, wether it be for archiving, or transferring newly shot material. Even the sprocket hole is visible. If we are transferring for your new production we recommend open gate files. You will be able to check for film stability and in- camera dirt/hair build up on frame extremity. Simply crop in the edit. During transfer Cine Sanctuary also monitors the entire frame area for quality control.

Transfer exposure levels

The ScanStream Sniper-HD Pro telecine has auto exposure with full manual override. The first thing we did on delivery of out telecine was to disable the automatic exposure. Using especially shot calibration films we manually calibrate both the telecine lamp intensity and the camera exposure level before loading each film. These settings can then be tweaked to give optimal results for each reel. If we are transferring archive material we will try to recover any incorrectly exposed scenes (there are limits to what can be achieved).

Focus & sharpness

Cine Sanctuary check transfer focus for each reel, re-focusing is especially important if reels are from different emulsion batches or stock manufacturers. The ScanStream Sniper-HD Pro telecine scans from the sharper emulsion side of the film giving stunningly crisp images. Quite often we are asked to re-transfer films which were transferred years ago to VHS. The original transfers are normally from a cheap projector SD camera set up and will be soft, have a bright hot spot in the centre of the frame and terrible visible auto exposure / colour-correction changes. When compared to a Cine Sanctuary HD transfer with its cool LED, evenly illuminated, diffused and dimmable LED light source, our results are truly amazing. Of course we can only render super sharp images if the camera focus was correct.

We do not transfer dirty films

On receipt of you films we carefully prepare them for transfer. In the case of archive material we spool through the film and check all the cement splices. If any fail we repair with tape splices, there is no charge for this service. Next comes film cleaning, crucial for any telecine transfer. We use Solvon film cleaner and conditioner type2, it contains a lubricant to help the film run smoothly through the telecine and has anti-static properties.

Ebay store ordering

This is a new direction for Cine Sanctuary. We feel that we had been concentrating mostly on archive transfer, and that by offering our services via an eBay store we can reach more film makers. Our senior colourist Grant Bennett has worked on colour grading film projects for the National Film and Television School. Students of D.P Brian Tufano (of Trainspotting and Billy Elliot fame), were amongst his clients.

For eBay store pricing on SD and HD transfers see prices for our Standard Service and Scan Only Service. We have added another two variants of HD service, these are available only as eBay purchases.

The two new HD services take advantage of the Lossless HD output of the ScanStream Sniper-HD Pro. The resulting files are uncompressed, 20% larger than our normal HD files and require a faster Raid Array to play smoothly. Please ensure your computer can handle these files before ordering, we will have to charge for reprocessing of files.

We have called these our 20/20 services. 20/20 HD Scan Only and 20/20 HD Image Sequence, will give you true 1920x1080 uncompressed HD images. For eBay orders Cine Sanctuary requires you to send a USB stick with enough space for your transfers. 1 X 50 foot reel needs about 3GB if ordering 20/20 HD Scan only and about 20 GB for 20/20 Image Sequence. The files you receive will be .AVI motion JPEG, and in the case of image sequences, BMP. For use with both PC and Mac edit software.

Information we require from from you when ordering is explained in our Ebay Store.