Editing Service

Sometimes your camcorder footage and video of cine film transfers will need tidying up. Not everyone is a born cinematographer. There will be footage of the ground, sky and the back of the lens cap. There may even be people in your films you wish to remove. These can easily edited out. Our editor will load your video into the computer and using Apple Final Cut Pro tidy your videos to produce a professional looking result.

To do this we will need an edit decision list (EDL) from you. This will tell us which footage to use. We will need counter readings (zero counter to beginning of tape / disc) from your VCR / DVD player for the start and end of each shot required . A written description of the shot, it’s start and end action is necessary too. Your tapes / discs must be physically labeled 1, 2, 3 etc. This number should be included in each entry on your EDL.

If you require assistance please contact us.


You must supply us with an edit decision list (edl).

DVD of edited video is included in the above prices.

Computer files of edited video are included in the above prices.