Cine Sanctuary is the place to have your cine films and tapes brought to life with a high quality SD (standard definition) or HD transfer by a professional film colourist. 25 years experience in the television industry and 21 years colour grading enables us to provide outstanding results on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, computer file and professional video tape.

We offer transfer and digitisation services for film, slides, video tape and audio tape. Each of these analogue media will present a variety of problems associated with long term storage. Transfer to digital formats will not only preserve your archive but also allow easier viewing and listening. Most of us have a DVD player or computer but how many still have a cine projector, reel to reel audio tape player or video tape player?

With changing viewing habits we are now offering smart phone and tablet specific files. Cine films look great on a smart phone. We can even prepare and upload your cine films to YouTube, for you to view privately.

For broadcast telecine services Cine Sanctuary can transfer your Super 16 mm, 16 mm and 35 mm reversal, print and negative (including magnetic and optical sound) using a professional Philips Spirit telecine.